4 Reasons to Use Structural Steel For Your Building Projects

Are you looking for a credible company that deals with steel fabrication in UAE? You’ve come to the right place, because steel is indeed an excellent choice for structural fabrication projects. Steel is tensile, durable, strong and corrosion resistant.

Structural steel is an important component in buildings because it holds the building together, offering protection from the wind, hail, storm and even cyclones and hurricanes. Without structural steel, it is not possible to have tall buildings or unique structures that tower up to the sky, simply because the buildings may not be able to handle strong winds. Every tall building that you see has an impressive structural steel in their inner structure.

Check out the major reasons why you need to hire the best steel fabrication companies in UAE for your structural steel.

Benefits of steel fabrication in UAE

Using steel for buildings and frames is a great option because of the numerous advantages associated with it. Not only does steel make the building process easy and hassle-free, but it also does not put any stress on the foundation, thanks to its lightweight nature. Let’s check out the reasons in detail:

  1. Safe and strong

Steel is a very strong material to be used, and they add strength to your buildings. Since steel has a very impressive strength to weight ratio, you don’t need too much of the material to build a single support or beam. So that means, with less amount of steel you can build high quality beams.

  1. Resilient and durable

Have you read about SEGRO’s relocation of the building at 9 Cambridge Avenue? This is the perfect example of the resilience and durability of good quality steel. Much of the original steel was kept intact, including the glazing, staircases, beams, planks, curtal wailing, lifts, fencing , loading doors and balustrading when the building was ‘moved’. That’s pretty impressive, right?

  1. Can withstand even earthquakes

Structural steel has comparatively better resistance against earthquakes. It is inherently ductile and possesses the flexibility that you wouldn’t find in other materials. Steel fabrication companies in UAE use high strength, low alloyed steel (HSLA) because it has high level of yield strength and excellent elongation levels, making it capable enough to withstand high pressure.

  1. Much lighter

As mentioned earlier, high quality steel, though light, can withstand earthquakes and even survive cyclones. It would be interesting to note that since steel structures are lighter than their concrete counterparts, it would be easy to move the components from one place to another, reducing fuel costs and the effort of transportation.

And the best part of it all – The assembling part gets easy

A noted advantage of steel fabrication in UAE is that you won’t have much clutter at the construction site. This is because the components used to build structural steel are prefabricated off-site. They are tested for quality before they are brought to site for installation. Irrespective of what season it is, the installation is quick once all the components are ready.


Steel fabrication companies test for the quality and strength of the product before installation. This will ensure that the actual construction time is reduced by 50%. When you buy from the best steel fabrication in UAE, you will never have to be bothered by the strength of the structure or its durability.



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