A Guide to Various Steel Fabrication Methods

The pervasive nature of steel is that it permeates every aspect of our life.

You will find steel everywhere, right from the components of the vehicles in which we travel to construction of roofs, and the utensils used in kitchen.

The importance of steel in our world these days lies in the demand for its resources around the world.

The quality of steel depends on the different purposes for which it is used, and the degree of durability you need.

Just like the quality, the property of steel used also varies accordingly.

If you are looking for multiple options in steel fabrication, you can get in touch with steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE and consider your requirements and the type of steel fabrication needed.

Here is a list of some steel fabrication methods:

  • Casting:  It is a traditional way of steel fabrication which involves the filling of molten steel inside a mould designed to get a specific shape of steel product.

This method can be used to make different shapes of steel.

Following methods are other refinements involved in steel fabrication.

  • Cutting: Being a necessary step to cut steel into smaller pieces, it involves considerations such as precision and budget.  It can be done using radial saws and laser cutters.  Steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE that pay attention to precision opt for costly cutters like the laser cutters.

Metal bending is a technique that involves the transformation of a steel plate into shapes with specific angles. This steel fabrication method is often replaced by the joining of two steel parts which has the exact angle, for the complexity and tech investment needed for this process.

While that is the case with bending, welding involves the joining of two pieces of steel with a melting process that involves the use of a filler with lesser melting points between the parts that need to be joined.

  • Machining: This steel fabrication method encompasses several other methods within it, like cutting and drilling. This is a method followed to shape the steel into the end product after following different methods for refining. This is a popular and inevitable method among steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE.
  • Shearing: This is a method in which the blade of a shear is pressed against metal sheets to cut them into equal small pieces along a straight line. This is a carefully done technique. Such small sheets obtained after shearing are later sent for pressing.

These are only a few of the techniques or rather methods employed by steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE.

The methods employed will be chosen according to the requirements of the fabricated steel.

Fabricated steels are often marked or stamped with letters or symbols of the manufacturers.

Being a one stop destination for buying steel as well as steel erection services, Al Baraq Steel Works LLC is an excellent company to partner with. The company follows standards like that of the American Institute of Steel Construction.



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