How Long Does It Take To Erect A Steel Building?

While carrying out any work estimating the time period is always important. One of the first things therefore to be calculated and given in the work quotation is time frame of the work undertaken. The time taken to erect a building often depends on many factors. Type of material used for erecting is the foremost factor which influences the time. Steel is a favourite material for architects and builders because of its innumerable properties. Al Baraq Steel Works LLC, the leading steel building contractors in Dubai does excellent steel fabrication of unparalleled quality. We are also rated high among the pre engineered metal building manufacturers UAE.

  • Steel are often preferred for fabrication and for erecting building because of it’s:
  • durability
  • strength
  • corrosion resistance
  • cost-effectiveness
  • ease in installation
  • fire and water resistance
  • recyclability etc

The time required to erect a steel building is often calculated on the basis of different factors. Some of the construction variables determining the time are as follows:

Equipments and Machinery

Machinery plays a huge role in the process of construction. Steel equipments and machinery like ironworkers, press brake and cambering machine plate processor, shot blaster, oxy-gas torches etc have to be readily available in good condition for the work to completed fast.

Physical attribute of structure

The size and shape of the structure in turn effect the time taken. Bigger the structure, longer the time and vice versa. As per the complexity and design of the building the time taken also changes. Customized and complicated structures take time to complete. The height and width of the structures influence time. Wide and high structures consume time.

Knowledge and experience

If those involved in the construction are experts with good knowledge and experiences then erection of steel building will be completed quicker. First time builders take more time to complete the work.


As the number of hands involved in the work increases the faster will be the work done. Hence having larger crew would help in completing the work in the shortest period.

Unforeseen conditions

Unforeseen and uncalculated things like weather, accidents, breakdown of machinery delays the construction process. Time for such uncontrollable situation have to be set aside while carrying our construction.

Adopting pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) method

Time can considerably reduced by opting for PEMB method of erection. Things like welding, measuring, configuration etc can be spared through this method. There will be no need of doing these things on site if PEMB is followed. This saves a lot of time.

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