What Precautions To Take With Structural Steel Projects

Structural steel fabrication is a risky process in that an accident and injuries are likely to arise when performing the tasks related to it. Therefore, structural steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE should also take the necessary precautions during the process. The precautions are important to confirm that their fabrication professionals are safe. With that in mind, here we will discuss some of the precautions.

Safety Equipment

There should be protective equipment for everyone who performs many different fabrication tasks at the factory. Safety goggles, shields and helmets as well as protective gloves and clothing are among the equipment units necessary for every steel fabricator in UAE too. Welding entails a strong light source with visible ultraviolet and infrared rays, which can damage the eyes. Therefore, it is essential for each fabricator to wear protective clothing and safety goggles during welding operations. It is up to the steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE that employ them to have all of these equipment units in place.

General Tips

Steel fabricators have to exercise caution when at the factory. They have to get rid of all flammable materials like oil, cotton, gasoline and so forth from the area near the welding location. No one should access the equipment at the factory without proper authorization. Further, every structural steel fabricator in UAE has to act as per the lessons taught during their initial safety training sessions. They should ensure that they go through the operational instructions carefully and then use any piece of equipment.

Doable Steps For Fabrication Companies

Establishing A Fabrication Safety Committee

Steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE should also treat their responsibility for worker safety seriously. They should ideally establish the committee that will actively work to ensure the welfare and safety of their employees. The committee could and should produce many different training programs for employee safety as well as address the issues concerning the safety matter.


Ensuring First Aid


Steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE also have to have first-aid facilities in place. It can be a room to nurse minor wounds and burns, or an isolated section around the factory for immediate attention to accident victims. If necessary, there should also be staff on hand to take accident victims to emergency treatment rooms.




It is also important for steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE to have on-the-job training for workers. In the training session, those workers should be taught the right ways of performing their jobs safely. There should also be supervisors to take part in the process and keep an eye on all workers. Time after time, a steel fabricator in UAE should also train their employees to reinforce the importance of safety in them. The active participation of fabricators and supervisors is important to ensure factory level safety.


Final Thoughts


As a structural steel fabricator in UAE, we are treating our workers as they are part of a family. The wide variety of safety measures and facilities for our shop floor attest to that. Our team works safely to offer customers the best possible fabricated products.



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