Raw Materials Involved With Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrications are used in different industries. Steel fabricators convert basic steel into structures for installation processes. Procedures like cutting, bending and assembling are utilized for successful fabrication and installation Al Baraq Steel Works LLC is a leading steel fabricator in UAE providing excellent steel fabrication and installation work.

Some of the tools and equipments involved in the fabrication process are:
  1. Power shears & Bench shears
  2. Band saw
  3. Chisels
  4. Tin snips
  5. Hobbing machines
  6. Wire cutters
  7. Grinder discs
  8. Milling machines
  9. Planers etc

While choosing steel metal fabrications it is vital to choose appropriate and adequate raw materials. There are numerous types of raw materials which are used for installing good steel fabrications. From castings to welding wire the list goes on. Al Baraq Steel Works LLC uses high grade and good quality raw materials for steel fabrication in UAE.

Some of the basic and common raw materials used to get perfect fabrication are as follows:
  1. Plate Metals
  2. Fittings
  3. Sectional Metal
  4. Welding Wires
  5. Hardware
  6. Formed and Expanded Metal
  7. Castings

1) Plate Metals

Plate metals are sheets of metals. They are usually used in construction of structures which requires durability. They have thickness of 6mm or more.

2) Fittings

They are tools which help in fixing metal parts together. Different type of fittings include cross, plug, caps, bushings, unions, elbows etc

3) Sectional Metal

They are prefabricated steel materials which are assembled for the application in different construction purposes. Various types of sectional metals include Hollow structural section (HSS), Z-shape, I-beam and so on.

4) Welding Wires

Welding wires are necessary to keep pieces of metal together. They are fine slim rods of soldered metal. They are utilized for welding different chunks and bits of metals. The welding wires are compressed or hammered in heat to combine metals together. Wires of different thickness can be used as per the requirement.

5) Hardware

They encompass materials like keys, locks, latches, chains, handles, corners. These hardware parts assists in quick and efficient making of products required for steel fabrications.

6) Formed & Expanded Metal

Manufactured from steel sheets or any solid metals formed and expanded metals are used for numerous purposes. They are employed as guards to keep away from surfaces of equipments which emit heat. They are also utilized for construction purposes like building of fence, grates, screen doors, platforms and so on. They are even used in the making of furniture. Expanded metals are diamond shaped with consistent openings of interlinked patterns. They can be made in varied types of grating sizes and thickness. These metals are affordable solution for constructing and framing varied structures.

7) Castings

Castings are metals which have been moulded into appropriate solidified shape after being melted and poured into mould cavity. Casting is an effective process in the manufacturing of various objects used in steel fabrications. Casting process is also cost effective.

Al Baraq Steel Works LLC undertakes all kinds of steel fabrication in UAE. Our efficiency and dedication have turned us into the finest steel fabricator in UAE.



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