Step-By-Step Guide for how To Install steel metals for your Concrete Building
Steel building contractors in Dubai

Steel building contractors in Dubai can proficiently build the structures of steel metals for the concrete building. Constructing a steel building is similar to the other buildings but it requires the strongest foundation. The land needs to be professionally surveyed and the exact boundaries are plotted by the builders for physical marking. You need to consult with the steel building fabrication companies for the type of foundation required. The minor excavation is used for simple metal structures and the deeper excavation is taken by the complex metal buildings.

Here is the step-by-step guide for beginning a project for steel fabrication in Dubai:

  • Project Signal

It is the initial and the most important step for the project signing before even clearing a lot. The preparation of the blueprint is essentially made by the steel fabrication companies in UAE to implement the processes in a particular way.

  • Removing unwanted growth

It is important to remove any vegetation or unknown growth inside, near, or around the project.

  • Slit fencing

This is done before beginning construction. A slit fence is installed for keeping the dirt and sand away from the construction site.

  • Temporary electricity arrangement

It is important to install temporary electricity and portable restrooms on the site. Re-bars and stirrups are also arranged. The total removal of vegetation by clearing the area is done.

  • Pipe location and marking

The underground pipes are identified and marked for making it easy to begin the construction without hampering the underground structure.

  • Selection of filling

Steel building contractors in Dubai select the filing for creating the pad. It is done to create the elevation needed for the concrete foundation filing floors.

  • Forms

There is a need for demonstrating that there are proper norms required for the concrete foundation of the building.

  • Form templates

There are temperates set precisely for holding anchor bolts for the steel column structures. A typical building requires 70 anchor bolts.

  • Day before pouring

The foundation must look clear and clean previous to pouring the concrete. The structural steel fabricator in UAE makes plans for looking at the site one day before making the concrete process.

  • Pumping process and pouring concrete

The pump truck and concrete truck are in their position and at this phase, the pouring will begin.

  • Multiple concrete trucks

There are multiple concrete trucks in a stack ordered for getting unloaded on the larger spaces.

  • Pouring

A pump truck is a valued asset required on the largest pours.

  • Smooth concrete

The finisher work will begin with the continuation of pouring.

  • Foundation Curing

The concrete foundation begins curing immediately and the forms are removed on the next day.

  • Removal of forms

The foundation for Steel fabrication in Dubai gets completed and the forms are removed. The foundation becomes ready to support the steel erection.


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