Why is Steel Used For Fabrication Rather Than Any Other Metals

Steel fabrications are preferred over other metals because of its many advantages. It has attractive appearance, is economical and is functional. It can also be easily blended with other materials. It also enables rapid execution of the project. Al Baraq Steel Works LLC one of the leading steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE extends excellent steel fabrication in UAE. Quality work and first rated service has turned Al Baraq into the most sought after steel fabricator in UAE.

Let us see why steel is used for fabrication rather than any other metals


Steel is a very strong metal with high tensile and compressive strength. Because of this property it can withstand different weather conditions. Also the strength of the steel is uniform and the quality is also uniform. Steel framed buildings can even resist buckling or bending even during earthquakes, hurricanes, high winds etc. Further steel is also non-flammable.

Custom Made

Steel can be custom made according to the diverse requirements. It is also possible to modify the existing structures of steel. Innovative structures that are functional as well as attractive can be made using steel. Simple to complicated structures can be made using steel. Steel provides a great amount of design flexibility. Al Baraq the best among the steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE will custom make the steel fabrication in UAE as per the requirement.


Steel is available readily. For structural steel the size, shape and quality required are usually the same therefore they are easily and quickly available. This also reduces the need to store steel inventory in large quantities.


Steel structures are modifiable. The fabrications can be changed and modified according to the requirement, for loading conditions, new applications, vertical expansions and so on. The existing structures can also be made stronger. The modifications and changes are easy to carry out in steel structures.


Steel is recyclable and reusable. Once recycled, it can be reused without any more processing. Also the energy used in the recycling of steel is less.

Speed of construction

Steel structures can be easily and quickly installed. Steel can also easily get integrated with other parts of the building. In all seasons quick installation and fabrication of steel is possible.

Cost effective

Steel fabrication is cost effective. The process of steel fabrication does not produce much waste. Steel fabrications are long lasting and also require only little maintenance.


Steel can be fabricated in an appealing way as per the wish of the designers. Steel fabrications are slender and appear very attractive. Coloured coatings and finishes can be used in steel and it also provides the opportunity for light to enter. They are flexible to different designs and are the preferred choice for architects, engineers and designers.

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