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Our inhouse Engineering service utilize STAAD-pro software for structural analysis & Designs and struCAD 3-D for Detailing. ABSW also undertakes responsibility for steel erection and has the equipment, supervision and skilled manpower to erect any type of structure effectively and safely .

AISC – American Institute of Steel Construction
AISI – American Iron and Steel Institute
AWS – American Welding Society (D1.1)
UBC – Uniform Building Code
Royal Commission Standards, etc.

Steel Fabrication and Engineering Companies In UAE

At Baraq Steel Works, we believe in offering the best quality of steel fabrication. We are known to be one of the leading steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE. We have been working in this field for a long time now and have handled several industrial projects of small and big scale. Regardless of how small or big the project may be, we give our undivided attention to it and this has helped us be sure that we can offer the best of products that have been tailored to perfection.

We have expertise in different kinds of steel fabrication and engineering services and our professional team of steel fabricators know what it takes to come with the right detailing, stick to the best of quality, and deliver products with cutting edge precision too.

From handling to processing, execution, finishing and maintenance; we deal with every single part of the work. We know how the right idea needs to be executed and the best way of doing so too. The years of experience blends well with the cutting edge precision and expertise and thereby allow us to be one of the top steel fabrication companies in UAE that deal with steel fabrication and engineering services.

No matter what kind of requirement you have and the scale of project at hand, all you need to do is get in touch with us and our team will get back to you with an estimate. We believe that the right services are sure to help you serve your need.

So, get in touch with us now.

There are several top steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE, including ours. Such companies are always committed to offering you consistent and quality products that go beyond your expectations. These companies also have years of experience in steelwork. They also offer exemplary customer service with a strong sense of commitment to contributing to your business success. You should look for the above-mentioned and other qualities for the best choice of steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE as well. If you wish to work with a supplier or company that ticks all those boxes, talk to them immediately.

The benefits of the process may vary slightly according to the application where it is used. That said, the durability of steel makes it worthwhile in most applications. It is a highly durable metal that can withstand not only extreme weather conditions but also exposure to various chemicals. These properties are important, especially in the construction industry. Steel, being flexible, is easy to mould and bend. Different from heavy-duty metal fabrication, the fabrication process is less demanding and is not as time-consuming with regard to steel. Contact any one of the steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE when you wish to learn more about its benefits.

Sheet metal provides many benefits in relation to other processes of metal fabrication and non-metal options. In comparison with machining, for instance, sheet metal becomes less expensive with regard to material and processing costs. It has none of the lofty tooling costs associated with injection moulding, a characteristic that makes sense, especially in high-volume fabrication operations. The fabrication process would be more cost-effective if it uses standard-sized tools, versus expensive custom equipment that should be designed specifically for this process. Ask any steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE and they would not and should not tell you that the fabrication process is always costly.

As far as fabrication is concerned, there are numerous benefits to using structural steel in construction projects. It tends to be used in buildings, partly because it can withstand the gradual damage in usual use that is associated with weather conditions. Steel is among the strongest construction materials that can offer protection against fire. Utilizing steel can make your building withstand other kinds of calamities, such as even the fiercest winds. It is possible to shape steel in many creative ways. For instance, steel beams save space while allowing for an atmosphere that is more open. There are many other benefits to using it in construction. Do you want more details about this matter and how steel can meet your business needs? If so, feel free to contact steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE too.

You should consider many factors when seeking one of the best steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE or elsewhere. Experience may be among the most important factors, but you should look beyond the time the company has served in its fabrication industry. That is to say, you should also recognize how experienced their workforce is as well as what project types they have dealt with to date. In the event they have not worked on any projects pertinent to your industry, or have inexperienced workers, it may be a wrong option for you. For instance, an automobile metal fabricator might not have enough technical skill and knowledge to undertake an architectural project. There are numerous other factors to consider for the best choice.

There are numerous considerations to make to achieve successful fabrication works with structural steel. Some of those considerations are related to this process itself. Almost all steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE perform comparable jobs, but many of those do not provide the same solutions and results. That is because of the specific procedures that are part of different fabrication types. Another consideration is budget. The money for the steel fabrication endeavour is likely to take up much of your business budget. Therefore, you should have an unambiguous budget breakdown to facilitate your construction project that covers each important aspect of that project. Discuss this with your steel fabricator and they should help you to understand all the related charges that can constitute the cost.

Residential buildings should last for a long time as well as should be capable of withstanding external forces like wind, storms and earthquakes. The flexibility and plasticity of steel cause it to be a suitable option for residential building construction. A technique known as light gauge steel framing is also utilized to construct these types of buildings. Another option used for residential construction is structural steel. Lighter in weight than other framing material options like concrete, structural steel allows for a simpler and smaller foundation. On the other hand, mild steel is utilized in portable house construction projects. Steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE work with these and many other materials for the residential construction industry.


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