Best Steel construction companies  in Dubai

ABSW Quality Control function is to develop and implement an integrated sequence or specific control on quality relative to materials, process and product based on quality aspects of industry specifications and customer requirements, design specifications and manufacturing process requirements to assure a timely shipment of products with proper quality at relatively minimum costs.

Top quality raw materials are used to manufacture metal components for steel structures or heavy steel work. Each employee receives the proper quality assurance training and is doing his/her job with the utmost care.

The company has a better control of its finished products with its parts checking system. It ensures that the product is ready for its intended use at the job site without modification. After blast cleaning of Structural Steel Members, the degree of cleanliness, surface profile and salt contamination tests are conducted to determine compliance with specified client requirements. .

Al Baraq is focusing very hard on logistics to ensure that there is no delay or modification to be done at local job sites or during preparations for foreign projects.

As with any other steel construction companies in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, we value the quality aspect of the products we manufacture for the construction industry. The material quality is among the things we value and consider ahead of proceeding with a specific building design. With us as your steel fabricator in UAE, you can rest assured that whatever we deliver to you will be of top quality.

Our top-quality metal buildings can be customized to suit your requirements. Our team of professionals can help you to choose the best siding, roofing and framing systems for your next custom building project. In our capacity of being one of the best steel construction companies in Dubai, we can work with you to help discover what best suits you or your requirements.

The term general contractor refers to a person or company that oversees and handles a set of subcontractors. The contractor is who you should consult everything that pertains to the entire construction project. They not only manage their own team but also designate work on different building task areas. Building contractors are those who handle a more complex process so that the project can be accomplished in a way that covers different construction aspects. They assume the employment of all the workers who are involved in their construction project, in addition to other roles. We are among the steel construction companies in Dubai city. We are neither a contractor nor a builder in the strict sense of the word, but we can work with contractors as well for seamless construction projects.

We believe this question pertains to the building erection process. As one of the steel construction companies in Dubai, we offer pre-engineered steel building manufacturing services to clients. You can purchase the product from a steel building producer, like us. After the purchase, you might wonder how to erect it. Here, you have two options: Hiring a GC for it, or letting us handle the erection part as well. We also manufacture PEB steel buildings on a contract basis. Therefore, we take on this commitment in a way that is similar to general and building contractors.

This may vary from one manufacturer to the next. Remember that there are steel construction companies in Dubai or elsewhere that offer a 12-month warranty for steel buildings. Nevertheless, more than the warranty, it is the producer that issues it that is responsible for doing replacement or repair as per the agreement. That means if they are not a trustworthy producer, the warranty might be up to no good. We are among the most trustworthy steel fabricator in UAE that offers long-lasting steel building construction services. Contact us to know more about the services.


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