Comparison Between Pre-Engineered Buildings And Conventional Buildings

A pre-engineered metal building is a structure produced at a plant and assembled at the location where it will be used. It is factory-made according to the design and size requirements of the customer and transported and erected at that location with bolted parts. This form of construction has become common in factories, warehouses and […]

What Precautions To Take With Structural Steel Projects

Structural steel fabrication is a risky process in that an accident and injuries are likely to arise when performing the tasks related to it. Therefore, structural steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE should also take the necessary precautions during the process. The precautions are important to confirm that their fabrication professionals are safe. With […]

Four Different Types Of Stainless Steel And Its Advantages

It is important to choose the right material for any application, particularly the one designed for corrosion resistance, wash-down, strength, or heat resistance. There is an array of materials for you to pick from with numerous specifications attached to those. Stainless steel (SS) is a well-known and affordable option in many industries, including the construction […]

Main Differences of Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel Structures

When approaching a steel fabrication company, it is vital to be aware of the form of material that suits a specific application. Different forms of manufacturing can create steel that offers better performance for certain applications than others. Cold rolling and hot rolling are two methods of steel fabrication with a great impact on the […]

Key Advantages of Using Structural Steel in Construction

Steel can be moulded and cut for use in the building of large-scale residential and communal structures. It is one of the best metals used for apartment buildings, skyscrapers, and factories. There are many steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE manufacturing the steel or alloy structures that are used in different areas in construction. […]

Steel building contractors in Dubai

Step-By-Step Guide for how To Install steel metals for your Concrete Building

Steel building contractors in Dubai can proficiently build the structures of steel metals for the concrete building. Constructing a steel building is similar to the other buildings but it requires the strongest foundation. The land needs to be professionally surveyed and the exact boundaries are plotted by the builders for physical marking. You need to […]



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