Why is Steel Used For Fabrication Rather Than Any Other Metals

Steel fabrications are preferred over other metals because of its many advantages. It has attractive appearance, is economical and is functional. It can also be easily blended with other materials. It also enables rapid execution of the project. Al Baraq Steel Works LLC one of the leading steel fabrication and engineering companies in UAE extends […]

best steel fabrication company in UAE

New Technology in Steel Fabrication

Steel has entered into our daily lives. From the plates we use to have to food, the vehicles we drive, and even has conquered its place inside our bodies to fix our postures back after an accident or illness. When the demand of the steel with different specifications for different purposes are increasing, this the […]

Rolled Steel | Pre-Engineered Steels Design & Manufacturing

There are various methods of manufacturing steel. The type of steel required for different projects will be diverse and their applications will also be different. Hence while undertaking a project you should know about the most appropriate type of steel for your project. Rolled steel manufacturing process is a process which is widely used across […]

Five Things To Consider When Building Steel Buildings In UAE

Steel is a preferred material by majority of contractors and builders. Fabrication using steel is used in numerous industries for installation processes. Steel fabricators convert basic steel into structures. Cutting, bending and assembling are the processes usually done for successful fabrication and installation. For quality steel fabrications you have to contact the best steel fabricator […]

What You Should Know About Hot Rolled Steel Fabrication and Industrial Hot Rolled Steel

Industrial hot rolled steel is obtained by the process of rolling. Rolling involves the utilization of rollers to change the shape and improve the properties of the steel. Rolling increases the strength of the metal and grain orientation. It helps in the activities of fabrication and installation. In rolling process heavy rolls are pressed and […]

Raw Materials Involved With Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrications are used in different industries. Steel fabricators convert basic steel into structures for installation processes. Procedures like cutting, bending and assembling are utilized for successful fabrication and installation Al Baraq Steel Works LLC is a leading steel fabricator in UAE providing excellent steel fabrication and installation work. Some of the tools and equipments […]



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