Comparison Between Pre-Engineered Buildings And Conventional Buildings

A pre-engineered metal building is a structure produced at a plant and assembled at the location where it will be used. It is factory-made according to the design and size requirements of the customer and transported and erected at that location with bolted parts. This form of construction has become common in factories, warehouses and other modern environments. Pre engineered metal building manufacturers UAE factories fabricate the building components and ship those parts to the location for erection through construction or installation staffers. Read on to know more about the building.

What Building Types Can You Pre-Engineer?

A pre-engineered metal building is appropriate for installation in several applications as well as becoming increasingly popular across geographies and industries. It can be made as an industrial structure, a recreational building, an agricultural housing facility, a mini storage building and so forth. Keep reading to know the potential advantages of having a pre-engineered steel building structure construction instead of a traditional building.


You may find a pre-designed metal building to be a much better option on initial investment and right through its lifespan. There have been developments in the design, production and erection of buildings. Those developments have aided in making the total cost of a 1,200 to 1,500 square feet pre-designed steel building similar to the structure made of traditional materials, such as wood, and of identical sizes.

Low Maintenance

Pre engineered metal building manufacturers UAE plants and other factories use high-quality paints and materials on their steel components for the structure. Thus, the manufacturer ensures that the building has a great ability to resist harsh conditions and helps the customer to reduce maintenance costs. Issues such as rusting and chipping are minimal as compared to traditional steel, which means that the customer will only have to do less maintenance.


Components are made at a factory level and put together on-site, which shortens the overall project time. Therefore, it is possible to complete the pre-engineered project in about 50% of the time it takes for a conventional construction project. A general contractor and an installation team realize how the availability of materials can affect labor scheduling and construction timing. It makes sense to do business with one of the best pre engineered metal building manufacturers UAE based instead of purchasing individual parts from many vendors. Why? Because it can make the building erection process quicker.

Enhanced Design Flexibility And Customization

Engineers can make custom building designs to suit most commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural and storage steel building projects. Similarly, the capability of the manufacturer to customize a simple or complex metal building will make you flexible enough to design the structure to any height, length or width with various customization options and accessories. Besides, it is easy to strengthen, remodel and/or expand a pre-engineered metal building, paving the way for future customizations following the initial construction. You cannot have such a level of customization or flexibility with a conventional building construction project.

Final Thoughts

A pre-designed metal building represents the present and the future of commercial architecture. It appeals to business clients since it is made to fit an array of applications and allows for rebuilding or expanding the structure. These are among the reasons why you might want to consider getting a pre-engineered steel building structure construction and installation project done.



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