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There are various methods of manufacturing steel. The type of steel required for different projects will be diverse and their applications will also be different. Hence while undertaking a project you should know about the most appropriate type of steel for your project. Rolled steel manufacturing process is a process which is widely used across construction industries and for pre-engineered steels design & manufacturing of buildings. Al Baraq Steel Works LLC is one of the leading pre engineered metal building manufacturers UAE. We use rolled steel effectively for quality construction work.

As the name suggests rolled steel is obtained by the process of rolling steel with the help of rollers to get a specific thickness and shape. The properties of the steel are improved, the steel is made stronger and the shape of the steel is changed by the process of rolling. There are two types of manufacturing of rolled steel. They are hot rolled steel manufacturing and cold rolled steel manufacturing method. In order to reduce overall cost and to save time it is vital to know in detail about the difference between the two manufacturing methods.

Hot Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel is manufactured by the process of rolling the steel at a temperature above recrystallization point. The heat usually is above 10000 F. Steel produced in this way has high malleable property and are easier to work with. They are also cost effective and are also simple to form. Manufacturing large quantities of steel is also possible through this method.

Once the hot rolled steel is manufactured, it is cooled down which is known as normalising. The steel becomes more ductile and strong. When it cools down the size and shape of the hot rolled steel can become a little different and it shrinks. On the surface of hot rolled steel scales are formed which an oxide formation is giving it a non- uniform uneven finish. For structures which require smooth finish the scaling is eliminated through the methods of grinding, pickling, sand blasting etc. Painting and coating can be done after scaling is removed.

Hot rolled steel can be utilized for fabrication where surface finish, minor distortions, tolerance, proper dimensions and precision does not matter. They can be easily shaped because of its flexibility. Shapes such as slabs, sheets, beams, frames, structural sections can be made through the process of hot steel rolling. In pre-engineered steels designs, hot rolled steel are used in the making of sections, channels, tubes and angles that are used in the Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) steel structure. Hot rolled structural members are used in conventional steel buildings. The structural members are manufactured in the factories or the plants and then moved to the construction site. There are many Pre engineered metal building manufacturers UAE who use hot rolled steel fabrication UAE. Excellent hot rolled steel fabrication UAE for Pre-Engineered Buildings is done by Al Baraq Steel Works LLC, the finest Pre engineered metal building manufacturers UAE.

Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel are manufactured by pressing the roller at room temperature. Here the steel does not shrink like the hot rolled steel and therefore they are ideal to be used to make structures with good finish and precise dimension and shape. They have an even, oily and smooth surface. They can be used in the construction of structures where visual appearance is given priority. The shapes which can be made using cold rolled steel is limited to round, flat, square and so on. It is manufactured though many procedures like sizing, semi-roughing, roughing finishing etc. Pre-Engineered Buildings incorporates cold rolled structures. They can be designed according to the various requirements and are used in wall options, roofs and ceilings, partition walls, rods, bars etc. They are also used to make metal furniture, cabinets, doors, windows etc.

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